Camborne Town Band Music Society actively promotes youth music and runs a very successful youth section which incorporates the Training Band, the Adult Training Band, the Junior Contest Band, the Youth Band and the 'B' Band. The importance of continuing to ensure that Cornwall's brass band tradition is maintained is recognised throughout the County. It is only by interesting and encouraging the young people of today to learn a brass or percussion instrument that the brass band will continue to flourish and provide pleasure and satisfaction to both musicians and listeners.

The Training Band was set up to give musical beginners the opportunity of playing together and performing in public. Members of the Training Band are supported by some of the more experienced players, which encourages higher standards. As children improve, they are promoted to the Youth Band. Each member of the Youth Band is also a member of either the Junior Contest Band, the 'B' Band or the Senior Band. The Adult Training Band was formed to give adult beginners the same opportunities as the children in the Training Band.

The Musical Director of all the bands is Alan Pope. A Cornishman, Alan served in the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards and has travelled the world, playing in front of members of the Royal Family and Heads of State. He studied at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall under Professor Ian MacKintosh, and was awarded the Cousins Memorial Parchment for Exceptional Proficiency on the Cornet.

The Youth Band has existed for many years, but was at low ebb when Alan became Musical Director in 1999. Since then, his enthusiasm and commitment to encouraging and teaching young people, has ensured that the youth section has gone from strength to strength and developed to such an extent that it now has 108 members, 48 of whom play in the Youth Band.

Fortunately, there were some instruments available for loan to the young players, so they were able to start leaning music without the expense and commitment of buying a new instrument. The band is grateful for the support of a number of head-teachers in promoting music within their schools which has enabled the band to grow rapidly.

In 2004, Alan Morrison, the Musical Director of the world famous Brighouse and Rastrick Band, was appointed Professional Music Advisor of Camborne Youth Band. Alan works with the band several times a year in preparation for contests, concerts and recordings. The international euphonium soloist, David Childs, also joined the musical team in 2006.

They have achieved a great deal of success on the contest stage. They became Cornish Junior Champions and South West Junior Champions in 2003 and Cornish Junior Champions again in 2004. The highlights of their achievements under Alan's direction are, without doubt, their wins of six successive National titles. They became Junior National Youth Champions in 2004, 2005 & 2006, Community National Youth Champions in 2007 & 2008 and Premier National Youth Champions in 2009. Many of the young players are also members of the Cornwall Youth Brass Band, the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and the society's own Championship Section outfit, Camborne Town Band.

The Camborne Youth Band has established itself as one of the best youth brass bands in the Country and has a very busy schedule of engagements at a variety of venues throughout Cornwall and beyond. They are delighted to be able to provide music and entertainment to an ever-growing number of appreciative listeners wherever they perform.